10 Anime Sequels That Managed To Capture The Magic Of The Original

An undeniable fact in entertainment is that a successful property will likely lead to a sequel, and this is just as true in the anime industry. There’s a cyclical nature to anime, just like other forms of programming, and audiences tend to prefer established properties over new ideas. It can be bittersweet when an anime series soldiers ahead for hundreds of episodes and inevitably reaches its conclusion.Akira Toriyama’s ongoing Dragon Ball series continues to turn out new content after three decades. There are several Dragon Ball sequels, whether it’s the transition from the original series to Dragon Ball Z or the controversial events of Dragon Ball GT. The jump from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super comes across as the most successful with the least tonal inconsistencies.

Dragon Ball Super begins not long after the defeat of Kid Buu, and it taps into the same action-forward storytelling that defined Dragon Ball Z. The return of many fan-favorite Dragon Ball Z characters, like Future Trunks and Android 17, also doesn’t hurt.

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