10 anime shows like Lookism you must watch

Korean anime series Lookism was a highly anticipated release, and there’s no surprise as to why due to the popular source material. In a society that favors good looks, a high school outcast leads a double life switching between his two bodies that are polar opposites in appearance, as per the synopsis on IMDB.

When body swaps happen in television series, they could have many different possibilities, and it’s obviously entertaining. It’s always about two different people understanding the other more. The swap could happen at any time and also bring out a different side.

Charlotte (2015)
The story takes place in an alternate reality where a small percentage of children manifest superhuman abilities upon reaching puberty. A focus is placed on Yuu Otosaka, a high school boy who awakens the ability to temporarily possess others, which brings him to the attention of Nao Tomori, the student council president of a school founded as a haven for children with such abilities. To be a high schooler and be able to possess others whenever he wants can be a good thing and a bad thing as long as he utilizes his powers correctly.

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