10 Best Dandere Girls In Anime, Ranked

Anime fans can use all kinds of terms and phrases to describe a certain kind of character, and these archetypes are more popular than casual anime fans might realize. These aren’t stock characters or cliches; terms such as dandere, tsundere, and himedere each have their own definitions, but those definitions are broad enough so none of them ends up being a stereotype.
Kosaki Onodera Can’t Easily Confess Her Feelings
In the high school comedy series Nisekoi, Chitoge and Tsugumi are both brash tsunderes and Marika is a total megadere where protagonist Raku Ichijo is concerned. Meanwhile, Raku’s own love interest, the lovely Kosaki Onodera, tends to blush and run away anytime things get halfway serious.

Kosaki keeps urging herself to open her mouth and get serious about her romantic feelings for Raku, but her natural dandere nature and the fierce competition from those other girls makes things difficult. Kosaki can also communicate through food, but that’s not easy, either.

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