10 Best Fights In One Piece’s Alabasta Saga, Ranked

The Alabasta Saga was one of One Piece’s first truly great storylines. The East Blue Saga had plenty of great early fights and adventures, but author Eiichiro Oda hugely upped the ante with One Piece’s Alabasta Saga, which greatly expanded the world with the Grand Line’s first few islands and many new characters.
Nami Vs Ms. Doublefinger Was Nami’s First Real Fight In One Piece
Nami during her battle with Miss Doublefinger in One Piece’s Alabasta arc
Luffy’s tsundere navigator, Nami, was more used to stealing treasure and reading the weather than actually fighting anyone. Then, she decided to start fighting for real, so, Usopp gave her a segmented weather baton.

In Alubarna, Alabasta’s capital, Nami had to fight Ms. Doublefinger all on her own. This was Nami’s debut as a Straw Hat fighter, and she did well. Nami matched Ms. Doublefinger’s Spike-Spike Fruit with her clever use of hot, cold, and moist air to create miniature storms, and she even used mirages to escape deadly attacks.

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