10 Most Frustrating Failed Confessions In Romance Anime

Failed confessions are a tricky trope. While the current era of anime has been a lot kinder about romantic progress thanks to anime like Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, there have been some genuinely frustrating confessions throughout the years. Some are so inexplicable it starts to boggle the mind.

To a point, it’s understandable why confessions fail from time to time. The story still needs to happen, and maybe the author doesn’t want to pull the trigger so quickly. At times, it can even be well-written. However, good or bad, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating to watch. Arguably the most infamous confession scene in recent memory, Rem’s penultimate confession in Re: Zero was a heart-wrenching scene for both Rem and her legions of fans. All that dedication leads to Subaru rejecting her and then telling her who she rejected it for. Understandably, this led to many flame wars on the internet.

By all accounts, it was a perfect confession on Rem’s part, but the simple truth of it is that Subaru doesn’t reciprocate any romantic feelings. This left many Rem fans stunned, especially with Subaru pining for Emilia, a woman who at that point wasn’t even that interested in Subaru. Still, it’s a bold choice, as there’s nothing to be done about how people feel, romantic or not.

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