10 Most Ruthless Shonen Heroes

Shonen heroes are typically morally righteous characters who always do the right thing. Yet, many situations call for more ruthless champions. When battles get tough, and decisions need to be made, many cold-hearted heroes step in to take the plunge and do what is necessary to win.Saya Takagi is a calculating student among those fighting zombies in High School of the Dead. Her cold demeanor and unparalleled genius make her a sharp but necessary part of the team.

Although Takagi is curt with almost everyone, she does have a soft spot for the youngest member, Alice Maresato. Alice is merely seven years old and can’t really use weapons yet. Takagi shuts down anyone who tries to tarnish Alice’s innocence, making her a ruthless, but protective classmate to have.

Though they are not as prolific as compassionate protagonists, these ruthless shonen heroes know how to get the job done. Some of these heroes are merciless in battle, while others are cold-hearted by nature. Even so, all of these particular shonen heroes will do whatever it takes to get what they want and won’t back down — no matter the cost.

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