10 Politest Anime Characters With The Best Manners

Many of anime’s politest, best-behaved characters genuinely wish to make others happy and maintain civility with their perfect manners. Other polite anime characters must remind themselves to keep their emotions in check, refrain from speaking their mind, and act nicely to prevent trouble. Either way, these well-mannered anime characters make a great impression on everyone they meet with their wonderful social graces.
Maria Campbell Is Shy, But She Knows Her Manners
My Next Life As A Villainess
Maria Campbell in My Next Life As A Villainess.
Maria Campbell was the original heroine of the otome game Fortune Lover, a self-insert for anyone who would play that game. In the My Next Life as a Villainess anime, Maria becomes a real, living person once Katarina gets reborn as the villainess, and they become friends at school.

Maria Campbell is a self-deprecating dandere with many insecurities, but she never takes it out on other people. Unlike the mean girls at school, Maria is gentle, polite, and compassionate, just like Katarina. She is also elegant and easy to get along with as a humble-born yet charming student.

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