10 Politest Anime Characters With The Best Manners

Most characters in Tokyo Ghoul are either falsely polite to fool people, such as the well-dressed glutton Rize Kamishiro, and others are total thugs, like Yamori and Shu Tsukiyama. An exception is the genuinely polite Mr. Yoshimura, an elderly ghoul man who runs the Anteiku cafe.

Mr. Yoshimura warmly and politely welcomes every patron who visits Anteiku, and he’s even polite when he speaks to his Aogiri Tree enemies. In a way, that makes Mr. Yoshimura even scarier since his polite facade hides unspeakable rage when thuggish ghouls are bullying or hurting people in front of him.In the realm of Japanese anime, some characters amuse or exasperate viewers with their terrible manners and uncouth behavior. They’re prone to calling people names, ignoring common social niceties, and acting bluntly or getting in people’s way. Other anime characters are the total opposite and mind their manners at all times.

Many of anime’s politest, best-behaved characters genuinely wish to make others happy and maintain civility with their perfect manners. Other polite anime characters must remind themselves to keep their emotions in check, refrain from speaking their mind, and act nicely to prevent trouble. Either way, these well-mannered anime characters make a great impression on everyone they meet with their wonderful social graces.

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