10 Saddest Deaths In Code Geass, Ranked

In the war-torn world of the popular mecha anime Code Geass, death awaits around every corner. Imperialistic nations crush their people under their oppressive rule and their violence breeds tragedy. Protagonist Lelouch vi Britannia intends to destroy the Holy Britannian Empire, and after he receives a Geass from the witch C.C., he finally seems to have a real chance.

But his quest and his rebellion don’t come without a price. Before creation, there must come destruction, and countless people are killed throughout Lelouch’s journey. From murderers to innocents, no one is safe, though some deaths are certainly sadder than others.A truly kind and gentle soul, Lelouch’s half-sister Euphemia is dedicated to providing the people of Area 11 with safe heaven in the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. The plan serves Britannia well in the long run and damages much of the Black Knights’ support base. Lelouch decides to use Geass on her to make her shoot him, and in this way, sabotage the SAZ. She persuades him to join her instead.

But Lelouch’s Geass goes out of control, and an ill-timed joke makes him order her to massacre the Japanese. She attempts to fight the horrifying command but in the end, loses the battle. As the Britannians unleash devastation on the innocent Japanese, Lelouch shoots her, acknowledging that there is no other way forward. She dies after a heart-wrenching conversation with Suzaku, and her fate changes the course of Lelouch’s destiny.

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