10 smart Dragon Ball characters who made dumb decisions

Dragon Ball is a series that requires no introduction. It has kept viewers hooked for over three decades and continues to do so. The ongoing manga and anime pits the strongest fighters against each other in unbelievable clashes of power coupled with incredible transformations and close-to-real-life martial arts.

Stunning action aside, Akira Toriyama’s magnum opus dives into its goofy side quite a bit, which also leads to some memorable and hilarious moments. Among these moments, characters sometimes do things that are pretty boneheaded and leave viewers thinking, “Really?”.This one overtakes the heart virus situation. The heart virus struck Goku much later in the timeline than Trunks had warned. In the Android Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Bulma suggested looking for the Androids or at least beginning the search, but Goku declined as he wanted to fight them.

If he had listened and done what Bulma said, 19 and 20 would not have existed, 16, 17, and 18 wouldn’t have come, and they could have possibly beaten Cell early.

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