10 Worst Codependent Anime Relationships

Anime relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are heartwarming and romantic while others are heroic partnerships ready for battle. Yet, in talking about anime relationships, there are some bad apples — particularly when it comes to codependent relationships. Partners in these pairings rely so much on each other that they would fall apart if they were ever separated. Codependent relationships are not only troublesome but often toxic. When they are apart, these couples do not know how to function. Seemingly, their sole purposes are to be tethered to their partner at all costs. Relationships are great, but not at the expense of someone’s individuality.
When people are entered into a life-or-death game to become the next Deus Ex Machina, all the players fight each other — except for Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano in Future Diary. Yuno attaches herself to Yuki, due to a year-long obsession. Her bloodlust surges when she feels Yuki is in danger.

Meanwhile, Yuki leads Yuno on to continue receiving her aid. The ruse goes on for too long, however, leaving Yuki vulnerable to Yuno’s brutality. This couple relies on each other too much when there can only be one Diary holder left by the end.

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