One Piece’s Boa Hancock showed the strength of her popularity by topping a poll voted on by fans in Japan, naming her as the most beautiful female character in the anime.

Reddit user u/HumanOver kindly assembled pictures of the ladies of One Piece to illustrate their poll rankings. Beginning with a regal image of Boa as she reclines on her large, white snake Salome, to Nico Robin hiding behind a brick wall as she removes ropes dangling from her wrists. The number three ranked character, Nami, glances over her shoulder at viewers, while the number four beauty Yamato showcases their incredible strength. At the mid-point is Nefertari Vivi, the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom, splashing playfully in a pond.As for the remaining five, Shirahoshi came in at number six, while the diva Uta ranked seventh.
Perona came in eighth, while Vinsmoke Reiju and Komurasaki came in ninth and tenth, respectively. u/HumanOver chose artwork that perfectly represented each lady, with Shirahoshi, the Mermaid Princess, swimming happily underwater surrounded by brightly-colored tropical fishes. Uta showed off her powerful personality with a determined expression. On the other hand, Perona has ghosts surrounding her while she sticks her tongue out playfully. Vinsmoke Reiju strikes fear into hearts as she demonstrates the strength of her kicks. As for the great courtesan Komurasaki, despite ranking in tenth place, she exudes charisma and charm.

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