5 Anime Characters That Do Stupid Deals With The Devil

Some deals always look too good to be true. In life, it usually comes in the form of some fine print or sneaky clause that only the keenest legal beagles could sniff out. In fiction, they come at a much more serious cost. Some sly figure will meet a character and offer to solve all their problems in exchange for their soul. Be it literally or figuratively, the poor sap just made a deal with the devil.
High School DxD has a complicated world too, as devils, angels, and fallen angels live in secret in human society. Protagonist Issei Hyōdō learns this the hard way when his date reveals herself as a fallen angel and kills him. His classmate Rias Gregory reveals herself to be a devil and revives Issei as a devil too, making him subservient to her and the rules of the underworld. It’s unfair to call this “stupid” as Issei didn’t have a choice in the matter. But other deals, or “contracts,” were more questionable.

Subverting the trope, the devils need these contracts more than the humans to increase their power and reputation in the underworld. After nearly being wiped out by the Angels in a Great War, they have to keep good PR with mankind too. So, these “contracts” can get quite silly. For example, devils Koneko and Asia Argento (not the actress) perform cosplay and play games with clients for clout and a few snacks. While Issei gets odd requests like bringing a doll to life. Some people will risk going to hell for the smallest things.

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