6 Great Anime That Were Ruined by the Ending

Akame Ga Kill tells the tale of Tatsumi, a villager who goes to the Capital in order to raise money. However, things take a turn when he discovers how corrupt the entire empire is.

Despite the intriguing and compelling premise, Akame Ga Kill, unfortunately, suffered from the anime overrunning its manga as it was still in progress. The part which led to its demise was the sheer fact that the anime was created at least three years prior to the manga coming to an end. This led to a fairly botched conclusion that no fan liked.

One of the worst parts was the severe amount of death that happened in the final episode. The deaths also include Tatsumi, literally the main protagonist, who perishes while attempting to save citizens. Not only this, but the anime ended up contradicting itself with numerous things, for instance, some superpowers being able to perform things that they shouldn’t be capable of doing or certain characters suddenly knowing information that they didn’t. All of these plot holes left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths and ended up calling it an anime with one of the worst endings ever.

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