8 Most Eye-Opening Madara Uchiha Moments From Naruto

One of the many things that make the “Naruto” anime series unique among its peers is its dedication to settling disputes with words, not fists. This can be seen in the first storyline in the original series, where Naruto Uzumaki appeals to the humanity of Zabuza Momochi over the death of Haku, which leads to Zabuza sacrificing his life to take down Gatō and his men. Even in “The Last: Naruto the Movie,” Naruto showed mercy to Toneri Ōtsutsuki despite everything he put Naruto and Hinata through and even invited him to stay on Earth after learning the horrible truth about his clan. That’s not to say Naruto is above raising a fist or two, but in general, the knuckleheaded ninja is more concerned with reasoning with his enemies than taking their lives.

That’s what made the introduction of Madara Uchiha in the series so interesting. Madara was the complete antithesis of Naruto Uzumaki, an ego-driven maniac shaped by the countless wars he’d lived through and the tragedies he’d endured such as losing his little brother, Izuna Uchiha. This was a villain that had zero interest in words, only action. Madara’s lust for power, revenge, and a challenge from a worthy adversary led to some of the most eye-opening moments in the “Naruto: Shippuden” anime series.

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