A Certain Magical Index: 10 Things You Need To Know About Mikoto Misaka

Despite being a side series, A Certain Scientific Railgun is considered one of the most famous anime series of all time due to its beautiful art style and lovable characters. Of these, the series’ main heroine Mikoto Misaka has received something of a cult following.

Mikoto Misaka is one of the most powerful characters in the A Certain series (including both A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun, as well as several other anime and manga spin-offs). However, despite her beloved personality and strong abilities, there is still a lot to Mikoto Misaka fans of the anime may have missed.In the world of A Certain Magical Index (and its other character-based spin-offs), the world is divided between esper and non-espers. Espers are people that are gifted with scientific powers, that use the power of their minds to change the world around them — Mikoto Misaka is one of these espers.

Using her powers, she can manipulate electrical currents. Mikoto Misaka is considered an Electromaster, utilizing her powers to magnetize metals, redirect energy beams, and power her projectile-based signature move.

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