A New Spy x Family Film Is Set to Take Flight in 2023

It seemed that 2022 was Spy x Family‘s year, with its popularity skyrocketing thanks to the anime adaptation, but it looks like the franchise will soar to even greater heights in 2023.

At Jump Festa 2023, Spy x Family unveiled a number of exciting announcements including a second season set to premiere in 2023. The panel also revealed that a new Spy x Family movie will release in the same year. The film is an entirely new work, featuring an original story. Tatsuya Endo, the creator of the manga series, will supervise the film and create the original character designs for its new characters.To commemorate the special announcement, Endo drew a new illustration showing Loid piloting a small aircraft with Yor and Bond sitting together at the back. Anya is sitting right in the middle of her parents, popcorn from her bucket flying everywhere, as she points at something for her father. Anya’s voice balloon in the image loosely translates to, “Going on an outing to the movie theater!!”

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