Adventure Time: 6 Times Princess Bubblegum Was the Real Villain

The popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time is set in a dystopian world where magic and monsters reign. During the opening credits, bombs are scattered across the land, kingdoms made from natural elements are shown, a vampire makes an appearance, and then Finn and Jake close the scene. For many seasons, Finn and Jake’s dungeon adventures are centered as the plot slowly reveals that Finn isn’t the last human, Jake’s abilities are otherworldly, and the real villain is revealed.

Flame Princess, also known as Phoebe, was prophesied to be stronger than her father, and, out of fear of being usurped, he ordered her to be sent into the woods. Excited by all the wood, infant Phoebe set a wooden cabin and part of the forest on fire. From her tower, Bonnibel noticed the fire, found Phoebe, and returned her to her father who then imprisoned her in a lantern. The imprisonment may have been due to Fire King, but Princess Bubblegum is the one who suggested she be contained because she posed such a threat. Both Phoebe and Bonnibel are princesses and as one of the longest rulers in Ooo in Adventure Time, Bonnibel could have handled the situation with Phoebe much better.

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