Adventure Time: Lumpy Space Princess, The Icon Turned Hero

Often, when a person loves themselves, it can be praised or criticized depending on who is at the pulpit. In the last decade, the concept of self-love has resurfaced thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Sometimes, it seems like everyone from celebrities, influencers, and even religious leaders are preaching the benefits of self-love. Different media remind readers that on their journey of self-love, they are not alone. Throughout Adventure Time, Lumpy Space Princess echoes the need for community on one’s self-love journey. While she often lives on her own in Ooo, she develops a strong friendship with Turtle Princess, the librarian of Ooo, who, at one point, encourages Lumpy Space Princess to write a trashy romance novel. Lumpy Space Princess wears a garbage bag and tries to get Finn to fall in love with her, only for her to fall for Finn. Ultimately, she is exemplary in positive self-talk, even if it’s off-putting to others. She continually tells Finn that she loves her lumps or that she loves her hot bod. Even at the slightest up, Lumpy Space Princess talks about herself in the most positive light.

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