All the Times ‘Malignant’ Gave You the Clues to the Big Twist

In one of the craziest and weirdest horror films of the 21st century, James Wan introduced the world to Malignant and the filmmaker wasn’t kidding when he said that the 2021 feature was an entirely different beast from his past works. Malignant stars Annabelle Wallis as Madison Mitchell, a woman tormented by shocking visions of brutal and violent murders that happens to be reality. Now, we all know the insane twist that comes in the final act of this film, which is that Gabriel is a parasitic twin of Madison, and that the tumor has been taking over Madison’s body to commit his heinous and bloody deeds, which are the visions Madison has been seeing.

The Bonkers Twist Creates Some Bonkers Plot Holes
I won’t pretend that this bonkers twist doesn’t create some plot holes. If Gabriel was using Madison’s body, how the hell did she gain spider-monkey abilities, like the ability to jump down an entire building during the chase with Detective Shaw, or even have the strength to launch a freaking hospital bed? Gabriel was essentially invincible, but Madison is a normal human being. That isn’t the only issue when it comes to the jaw-dropping twist, but some of the best twists in film history also come with plot holes. David Fincher’s Fight Club has one of the best twists in film history, but when you actually rewatch the film, you end up questioning how can Jack and Tyler Durden be the same person in some scenes. Or Saw, which makes you wonder why Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) needed to pretend to be a dead body the entire time when he had surveillance cameras watching Adam and Dr. Gordon.

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