‘Among Us’ could have been too scary in virtual reality, developers say

Among Us” was one of the video games that exploded in popularity over the pandemic. The 2018 murder mystery and social deduction game set in space has transcended gaming, reaching cakes, toy stores and more.The developers at Innersloth were a three person team back in 2018, working on the party game where a group of innocents perform mundane tasks, while killers — called “impostors” — run free at night. The player group can vote off who they believe is guilty of murder, so that the imposters are removed from the group before the innocents lose their majority.

In recent years, “Among Us” has expanded into multiple collaborations with other games, into virtual reality, merchandise and fan art. This has all been the product of hard work, said Forest Willard, the Innersloth programmer who also manages the company’s business, sitting down with The Washington Post in Los Angeles during The Game Awards, the industry’s annual Oscars-like awards event.

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