Attack On Titan: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Fans are eagerly waiting for Attack on Titan to grace their screens again, the last part of its final season being set for release sometime in 2023. As Eren takes extreme measures to reach his goal of exterminating everyone except the Paradisians, viewers of the show are shocked to see Eren become an incredibly compelling but complex antihero.

The show is made complete by its secondary characters who have their own agendas and aspirations. Those who are following the show might be interested to know which character best represents their zodiac sign. Another Marleyan warrior who infiltrated the Survey Corps is Annie Leonhart. With her stoic attitude and no-nonsense personality, Annie found it easy to deceive everyone and make them believe that she was one with their cause. Despite having a realist view of the world, Annie only strives to live a normal life.Among the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the most secretive. Being a Scorpio, Annie found it extremely well to hide her true agenda. Scorpios are also extremely smart and unfailingly honest with themselves, which is why Annie wasn’t susceptible to making emotionally-driven mistakes. Because of her Scorpio personality, Annie is probably one of the scariest characters in Attack on Titan.

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