Bleach Finally Reunites Ichigo and Nel in Latest Trailer

Bleach is finally getting ready for its big anime comeback with new episodes this Fall, and the newest trailer for the anime’s return finally reunited Ichigo Kurosaki with Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck! With Bleach’s original anime adaptation getting cut short long before it could even have a chance at adapting Tite Kubo’s manga finale, fans have been asking for the anime to come back ever since. After so many years of waiting, we’ll finally get our chance to see the final arc of the series in full anime action as many of the biggest moments will be coming to life for the first real time.

With Bleach gearing up for its big debut later this October, the series unleashed a new trailer showing off the best look at the anime’s take on the Thousand-Year Blood War arc yet. This not only shares a glimpse at many of the final arc’s biggest action set pieces and many of the characters involved, but also makes time for some lighter elements such as the highly anticipated reunion between Ichigo and Nel as he makes his way back to Hueco Mundo for a whole new mission in the new anime. Check out an example below as spotted by @floppydisk7000 on Twitter:

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