Chainsaw Man: Hayakawa Is More Interesting than Denji – Here’s Why

A major aspect of Fall 2022’s Chainsaw Man is how the anime reveals more about the devils/demons waging war on Japan, and the human reaction to it all. The Gun Devil is now in play, wreaking havoc across the land, which is why Makima wants Denji to stay focused on the mission. This is one of their ultimate villains — although Denji isn’t grasping the severity of the situation, instead being merely obsessed with objectifying his female comrades.

What’s worth noting is that Aki Hayakawa, Denji’s handler, and the other seniors are on point, aware of how the Gun Devil is a weapon of mass destruction that needs to be put down. This leads to more of Hayakawa’s history being revealed, bringing fans closer to his ambitions. In the process, he ends up coming off as the more engaging figure than an immature Denji, whose gimmick could quickly grow stale. Recent flashbacks showed Hayakawa cutting an insolent figure to his family and little brother. Sadly, a blast eviscerated their home, leaving young Aki alone as a kid. It broke him, confirming why he grew to hate devils and considers hybrid-humans like Denji as abominations. Since then, Hayakawa joined the Public Safety Unit, intent on murdering all devils in revenge, even using deals with other devils to get the job done.

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