Code Geass: Ten Facts About Kallen Kozuki

Kallen is one of the most important characters in the Code Geass series. She is the start fighter for the Black Knights and is present throughout the entity of the series. Kallen is a serious character who shows very little of her sensitive side throughout the show. She attends school with Lelouche and is the same age, but tends to miss most days due to her involvement with the Black Knights. In order to keep her double life a secret, she pretends to be sickly to her teachers and classmates. She is also half Japanese and half Britinian, although she rejects her non-Japanese heritage.While it will likely never make it’s way outside of Japan, Kallen does have her own light novel. Translators have stated that the light novel focuses on the fact that Kallen has to live a double life and takes a closer look at the struggles of her involvement with the Black Knights.

The novel only consists of two short chapters. Kallen is also featured in the fan book Queen that focuses on the female characters of the series, although it doesn’t add much substance to the overall plot.

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