Demon Slayer: Akaza Was Never Truly Evil

Demon Slayer is an action-centered shonen in which humans fight against powerful demons for their survival. Since there are specific methods to succesfully fight demons, ordinary people cannot properly fight against them. That is why the Demon Slayer Corps have worked in secret for centuries to rid the world of all demons. Ranking above the many dangerous foes featured throughout the series, there is a group of demons that even the strongest of Demon Slayers, the Hashira, cannot defeat alone. One such demon is Akaza, an Upper Three Demon of twelve Kizuki. Akaza is one of the most hated characters in Demon Slayer for being the terrifyingly powerful force that killed the fan-favorite Hashira, Rengoku. However, Akaza is a surprisingly deep character with a tragic backstory of his own.

Akaza is a stubborn demon who respects the strong and despises the weak. So much so, that the demon goes out of his way to challenge powerful fighters and demon slayers. In the Infinity Train Arc, he quickly took a liking to Rengoku, begging him to become a demon so the two could continue dueling forever. Whenever Akaza would face off against oponents he deemed worthy, he would ask for their names and even introduce himself as a form of respect. He remembers the name of every opponent he has fought against throughout his life as a demon.

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