Dragon Ball Super Previews Fighter’s Ambition Promos: 17 & Frieza

Bandai’s has released the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game set. This set comes just two months after the first set of the new and current series block, Zenkai Series, which sees the introduction of Z-Cards as well as a change in the holo pattern used for Super Rares, Special Rares, and Secret Rares. The set, titled Fighter’s Ambition (with its full name being Zenkai Series: Fighter’s Ambition) is the nineteenth main set and second Zenkai Series set. It hit shelves on November 18th, 2022 in booster packs, booster boxes, and premium packs. It will later also appear in the Gift Collection 2022. Fighter’s Ambition focuses on the new canonical film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the direct previous film Broly, and even the non-canon but incredibly fun Super Android 13! movie. In honor of the release of this new Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into some of the most intriguing upcoming cards from a collector’s perspective. Today, let’s check out some Tournament Promos that have been released in association with Fighter’s Ambition.

Here we have Android 17, Defending Friends and Golden Frieza, Commanding Presence. Both of these characters were once the biggest threats in the Dragon Ball universe. Both Frieza and Android 17’s roles in the Tournament of Power showed how much time can change some… and others, not so much.

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