Elden Ring Player Creates Ice King from Adventure Time

From a player doing their best to make handsome Shrek in Elden Ring, to another creating Doctor Strange’s Benedict Cumberbatch, players have been able to use the improved character creation system to their advantage. Rarely do players of FromSoftware games attempt to make serious characters that reflect the game’s setting, as every RPG game from the studio save for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice allowed for players to create strange and hilarious characters to roam around the world.

Often, players of FromSoftware RPGs see their silly characters as the perfect juxtaposition to the game’s serious world. Recently, one player has sought to create a crossover between Elden Ring and popular cartoon series Adventure Time, by creating the Ice King from the latter in-game. The Ice King is first introduced as a minor villain in Adventure Time, though he quickly evolves to be a beloved character within the series. For many fans, the Ice King has one of the most interesting and heartbreaking backstories in the series, and has many details only die hard fans of Adventure Time may notice.

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