Every Akatsuki Member In Naruto, Ranked by Coolness

Naruto is a beloved shonen anime series featuring some of anime’s coolest characters of all time, from the goofy but deadly Kakashi Hatake to the rogue shinobi Sasuke Uchiha and more. This also includes most of Naruto’s best villains, especially those in the Akatsuki criminal organization. The Akatsuki’s mission statement is to capture the nine tailed beasts and use their power to dominate the entire world. Its members will say or do anything to accomplish that mission, and some of them are really cool and fun to watch as a result. These stylish, memorable Akatsuki members might have chilling dialogue, for example, or outstanding ninjutsu or memorable moments to their name. The bizarre creature named Zetsu was, for a long time, the Akatuski gang’s most mysterious member. He’s a green-haired being with one half pitch-black skin and the other half, paper-white, split down the middle. He can also appear out of the ground or plants to spy on people.

Zetsu is a fascinating villain in Naruto, but far from the coolest. His dialogue, actions, and personality aren’t too compelling or memorable, either. His main function was to be a servant of princess Kaguya Otsutsuki, though it’s more complicated than that.

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