Fairy Tail’s Magic Guilds vs Black Clover’s Magic Knight Squads: Who Would Win?

The use of magic is far from uncommon in anime. From the 2004 classic film Howl’s Moving Castle to the widely-loved 2018 anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, magic use has dominated the fantasy genre of anime for decades. Two of the most popular shonen anime that fall under this magical subgenre are Fairy Tail and Black Clover. Both of these anime are staple series among magic-loving fans. With a number of glaring similarities between their power systems and common story tropes, they’re often compared to one another by viewers. These comparisons typically lead to fans pitting the protagonists against each other in a theoretical battle. Although Fairy Tail’s mages can potentially have a diverse arsenal of spells, their magic tends to be fairly basic in its use. The mage’s spells usually enhance their natural fighting ability, like Erza Scarlet’s transformation magic, or produce a limited number of attacks based on classic elemental magic or variations of it, like Laxus Dreyar’s lightning magic. In rare cases, mages can call upon others to aid them in their fight, like Lucy Heartfilia‘s Celestial Spirit magic, but this requires special keys with access to the Celestial World.

Black Clover’s wizards are unique in that their mana attributes are extremely diverse by nature. Like Fairy Tail, the magic is based on classic elements; however, the variations of this simple magic are irregular and unnatural. This is seen with spells that produce, use or manipulate chains, steel, light, and even the fabric of space-time itself. With their unrivaled speed, superhuman strength and unbelievable durability, the characters in Black Clover are superior in their natural abilities as well.

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