Fate/Grand Order: Every Singularity, Ranked By Difficulty

With Fate/Grand Order’s Sixth Lostbelt on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to reflect on when the Mage King Solomon destroyed the future by tampering with the past, creating Singularities. By making these specific points in time when events have disrupted the timeline beyond repair, Solomon seeks to end humanity and the cycle of mistakes and damage that will follow.

With every prospecting Master who could thwart his plans put out of commission, it’s up to Ritsuka Fujimaru and their Servant, Mash Kyrielight, to warp back in time and fix the anomalies. As the pair goes further back in time, the trials only get longer and harsher, but a Heroic Servant’s job is never done. The very first Singularity, which technically isn’t one of the main ones, is the easiest. As Fuyuki was essentially the game’s tutorial, most fights comprise pathetically weak skeletons and Shadow Servants to get players acclimated to the class system and the battle mechanics.

The biggest challenge of this area is the final battle against Saber Alter, who makes a point of how strong bosses will become further into the game. Ironically, when FGO releases their yearly Memorial Quests, the Fuyuki quest is among the most difficult. In the quest, Saber Alter has a buff that fills her Noble Phantasm gauge every turn, allowing her to nuke the player’s team repeatedly.

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