Food Wars!: The Nakiri Family, Explained

The Tōtsuki Academy is Japan’s most prestigious producer of culinary artists. At a young age, the students are trained by the finest chefs to withstand pressures in the kitchen, managing a restaurant, and overall become the best in the food world. Leading this elite school are the Nakiri family.

Armed with their own unique styles of cooking, the Nakiris are known for their high calibre of cooking. Food Wars! has shown each generation of the Nakiri family tree, from grandfather to grandchildren, and the greatness they all bring to the table.Also a first-year at Tōtsuki Academy, Alice is Erina’s cousin on her mother’s side. She was very close to Erina and wanted to be revered in the culinary arts just like her, so much so that she traveled to her mother’s home country of Denmark to study food.

Alice‘s specialty is molecular gastronomy. She has been trained in using the most cutting-edge technology in her cooking to play to the senses and enhance the dining experience. Alice will turn rotis into lollipops, make milkshakes that look like hard-boiled eggs and a curry that is hot and cold using all kinds of new techniques and tech.
Alice and Erina have sisterly rivalry throughout their lives, which has grown their talents in a way. Alice eventually becomes the sixth seat on the Council of Ten.

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