High School DxD Cosplay Shows Why Akeno is Still Queen

One awesome High School DxD cosplay has brought the series back to the spotlight by showcasing just why Akeno Himejima has her title of Queen! It’s been quite a while since fans have gotten to see High School DxD grace their screens with the fourth season released four long years ago, and even then the franchise had to switch its anime over to an entirely new studio and staff. There’s been very little talk about the franchise since, but while the future of the anime is unclear fans are still very much keeping their love for the series alive in cool new ways.

Because while the anime’s return is nowhere in sight, the characters from the series had become such steadfast favorites among fans through the four seasons so far that you’ll likely find them on top of many fans’ lists of favorites. This is especially true for the most notable heroines in the series overall, Akeno, as he stands tall together with Rias Gremory as her biggest base of support throughout each of her group’s many major fights. Now artist @seracoss on Instagram has brought this devil to life through some cosplay that’s just as queenlike.

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