High School Of The Dead Season 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed Or Not?

In terms of time, the second-speed bump is simply how much time has already gone by since the original series concluded more than a decade ago. However, die-hard fans of “High School of the Dead” continue to hold out hope for a brighter future, much like the survivors of “High School of the Dead.” It’s entirely possible that someone will decide to bring it back if there is still enough source material to work with to do so.

High School of The Dead Season 2: Cast and Characters
While Season 2 of “High School of the Dead” is still a possibility at this time, the characters who might come are a little more concrete due to the manga and the anime’s roster of characters. Within the English dub, Leraldo Anzaldua portrays Takashi Komuro, Jessica Boone portrays Rei Miyamoto, Taylor Hannah portrays Saeko Busujima, Maggie Flecknoe portrays Saya Takagi, and Mark X. Laskowski portrays Kohta Hirano.

Monica Rial portrays Shizuka Marikawa, and Brittney Karbowski portrays Alice Maresato in the Japanese version. All of these characters begin with simple weapons such as wooden swords, but they later equip themselves with a variety of military-grade weaponry as their skills progress.

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