How to get the All Might Skin in Fortnite

With My Hero Academia joining Fortnite similar to DBZ and Naruto, fans of the anime are clamoring for all the new features. This includes a handful of new skins to try out.
All Might is one of those skins that you can get in Fortnite. Of course, the skin is not free, nor is it rewarded. Instead, you must head on over to the Shop and purchase it with V-Bucks.
The All Might skin includes both versions of the character. You can check out the hero version above and his normal version in the image below:

If you want to purchase a bundle, it will cost you 2200 V-Bucks. This will get you the All Might skin in Fortnite as well as the following items:
All Smite Pickaxe, Transformation Emote
When you use the transformation emote, you can switch from the hero version of All Might to the regular, smaller-looking version of him. It is certainly a fun feature to play around with as you race around the map solo or with your friends.
Of course, you don’t have to have all the extra fuss that comes with All Might. So, if you just want the All Might skin in Fortnite, you can simply pay 2000 V-Bucks since he’s also sold by himself.

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