Japanese Are Just Finding Out Why ‘Yamete Kudasai’ Term Is Pretty Popular Overseas

Using a little bit of the Japanese language while speaking with a fellow anime enjoyer has almost become a norm in recent times. But some Japanese words cannot be spoken publicly, not because they have a dirty meaning, but because of what these words are associated with. And one such word finally caught the attention of Japanese anime fans after years of trolling by overseas otakus. Some even pointed out the other Japanese words that are profusely used in overseas media, like “Oni-chan” and many others!
Ahegao is also popular, but it doesn’t seem to work for them, or it’s rare to see it in real life.

Comment (Ahegao is the “name of an expression which a female makes when she is feeling extreme pleasure”)

Knowing a few Japanese words isn’t a big deal. But one word we have heard a lot in the last few years quite abundantly is “Yamete Kudasai”. Most of you are likely aware of this term as it means “Please Stop!”. However, outside of Japan, this term is associated with adult doujins or adult animations. So for Otakus residing outside of Japan, Yamete Kudasai has become a “dirty word.”

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