Miami-Dade School Board to Decide Which Flags Can be Flown in County Schools

The Miami-Dade County School Board will consider a controversial measure Wednesday that would only allow the American and Florida flags to be displayed in classrooms and on school district grounds.
The vote comes just one month after a similar item was taken out of the board’s agenda after receiving pushback from the community and a canceled board workshop.
One of the newly elected board members, Roberto Alonso, sponsored the item and said that while touring schools, he noticed classrooms did not have the American flag displayed.

Alonso believes there should be a compliance process in place and that the goal of this policy is not to eliminate other flags, but rather taking politics out of the classroom.
“I’m asking the superintendent to review our existing policies and allow teachers to have the instructional flexibility that teachers want to display,” Alonso said.
Some have criticized the policy and believe this is an attempt to block specific flags from being displayed such as the Black Lives Matter flag or a rainbow flag to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride.
Detractors believe having an array of flags displayed will not diminish the importance of the American flag.

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