My Hero Academia: All Might May Have Disliked His Rival Endeavor After All

Many rivalries exist in My Hero Academia, and some are much healthier than others. The Midoriya-Bakugo rivalry is iconic to the series, and their Pro Hero equivalents, All Might and Endeavor, have one of their own. This is mostly a one-sided affair, with the flaming hero Endeavor being fiercely determined to dethrone All Might as the #1 Pro Hero.

The top two heroes competed for years to save lives and defeat villains. Endeavor was pretty ferocious about it, to the point he had a Quirk marriage to finally surpass All Might through one of his children. Endeavor had bitter feelings toward his frustratingly powerful rival, but it’s not as clear what All Might thought of Endeavor in return.Why All Might May Have Disliked Endeavor Professionally
Endeavor and All Might sitting MHA
MHA’s Pro Heroes often keep their opinions of each other private, and All Might did the same. He rarely commented on other heroes, instead focusing on his own career and his quest to find a successor for One For All. Privately though, All Might almost certainly knew he was the subject of a fierce one-sided rivalry that bordered on obsession. He didn’t seem to take this personally, but on a professional level, surely All Might realized this was unhealthy. Pro Heroes have every right to compete over the top 10 slots and push themselves to be better than the rest, but Endeavor became a twisted antihero about it and often alienated people as a result.

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