Naruto: 10 evil anime characters who would be a perfect fit for the Akatsuki

In the Naruto franchise, Akatsuki was a group of shinobis who defected from their respective hidden villages. Although they were primarily seen as criminals by other nations, the chief goal of the Akatsuki was to end the war and achieve peace. However, their methods were quite unconventional and extreme, involving the capture of the Tailed Beasts, awakening the Gedo Statue, and using its power. As a result, the group was often perceived as a danger to society.

While the anime world comprises of variegated portrayals of antagonists, the theme of committing violent acts for the greater good is common. A number of villains across several series either have the same goal or have an ambition similar to the Akatsuki. On that note, here’s a look at evil anime characters who are fit to join the group. Hisoka, Lelouch, and 8 other evil anime characters make perfect candidates to join the Akatsuki

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