Naruto: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Akamaru

Animal companions are incredibly vital to the overall Naruto universe and flow of the plot. After all, it’s Kakashi’s ninja hound Pakkun that is able to track Sasuke and allow Naruto and the others to catch up to Gaara during the Konoha Crush arc. Animals that are bound to certain shinobi via summoning pacts are vitally important as well, with Jiraiya’s toads being one of the biggest examples. There are also characters who bond with an animal from an incredibly young age and grow up alongside them — this is exactly what Naruto fans see with Kiba and Akamaru. And while Akamaru may seem like a simple character on the surface, there’s actually quite a few tidbits of information that fans might not know about Kiba’s beloved wolf-pup.
By the time Naruto fans see Kiba and Akamaru on-screen for the first time, they’re inseparably close. It doesn’t seem like there’s a single negative aspect to their relationship. However, this isn’t how things were when the two of them first met. During Kiba’s time in the academy, his mother entrusts him with Akamaru. Almost immediately after Akamaru and Kiba meet each other, Akamaru urinates all over Kiba’s face. Both Kiba’s sister and mother were there to witness the incident and they both found it incredibly amusing.

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