Naruto: 10 Things You Need To Know About Choji

Some characters in Naruto might start off feeling like they’re somewhat one-note, but for the most part, they’re redeemed through meaningful development as well as backstories that make fans sympathetic. One such character is Choji, who at times can feel more like a walking joke than a character, but who ends up getting one of the most unforgettable fights of the original series against Jirobo.Choji cares intensely for his friends underneath his love of food – and even that is partially explained by the way his body converts calories into chakra. His backstory with Shikamaru ends up being incredibly sweet and develops both of their characters nicely, and explains why Choji values him so highly in his life. And though it may seem like he’s a mostly straightforward character, there’s still a lot about him that might go unnoticed.

His Present-Day And Child Voice Actors In Both Languages Are Actually Different Genders
young shikamaru and choji naruto
It’s not uncommon for characters to be voice acted by one person for their present-day self and another for their childhood flashbacks. However, what’s especially interesting to note about Choji’s case is that his sub and dub castings are the same in nature, as he’s voiced by a male – but a female for his younger self – in both versions.

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