Naruto: Choji’s 5 Greatest Strengths

One of the best parts about Naruto is that, at least when it comes to most of the main cast, characters start with having seemingly one end goal that they’re desperately determined to achieve. Although it can make characters feel somewhat one-dimensional, they never remain that way, growing for the better through real-world experiences and relationships with other characters.One stellar example of this is Choji Akimichi, who begins as a character often used for comedic relief whose jokes don’t always land. He ends up having an incredibly deep, connecting bond with Shikamaru and is inspired to be a better version of himself for his teammates. Even with all of this positive growth, of course, there’s always still going to be areas in which he could improve.

Strength: He’s Able To Stop And Appreciate The Little Moments Of Life
choji smiling naruto
One quality that’s hard to come by in the Naruto universe is the ability to take things slow and not get unhealthily consumed by one’s end goals. Alongside his best friend Shikamaru, Choji is the Konoha 11 member who’s shown to be able to relax the most and take in life’s little joys.

After all, the two of them originally bond over watching clouds pass and eating chips together while laying on a rooftop. It’s a friendship story that doesn’t exactly sound like it would fit into a series such as this, which makes Choji stand out all the more.

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