Naruto Cliffhanger Drops a Dark Akatsuki Throwback

Naruto is keeping busy these days, and if you asked fans, they would say there has never been a better time to check out the franchise. With a sequel ongoing, the IP has come back into its own thanks to two new spin-off series. One of them has honed in on Kakashi and Gai as they pair travel with Asuma’s daughter to a faraway land. And not long ago, the series dropped a dark cliffhanger all about the Akatsuki.

The whole thing went live in chapter two of Naruto: The Steam Ninja Chronicles. The series has been turned into a manga at last, and the expanded side story is already earning plenty of praise from fans. After all, the story brings Kakashi center stage, and his new mission with Gai and Mirai is about to hit the latter where it hurts. And why is that? Well, Mirai is about to travel to the Land of Steam, and that place marks the home of Hidan, her father’s murderer.

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