Naruto: The Most Effective Jutsu Of Each Akatsuki Member

Deidara possessed the Explosion Release kekkei genkai, which gave him explosive chakra. He would infuse this chakra into clay, which he molded into creatures that he could detonate at any time. He served as the Akatsuki‘s explosives expert.

During his fight with Sasuke, he utilized C4 Garuda, a technique he developed specifically for the Sharingan. He places clay into his mouth and creates a gigantic copy of himself. When the copy erupts, it produces thousands of microscopic bombs that can enter the bloodstream of any living thing in the area. When detonated, these bombs disintegrate their victim at a cellular level. The Earth Grudge Fear technique is a secret forbidden jutsu from the Hidden Waterfall Village, and Kakuzu stole its scroll when he went rogue. It transforms the user’s body so that they become a rag-doll whose body is held together by hundreds of black threads.

This justu is the reason Kakuzu obtained a form of immortality. He can use these threads to remove the hearts of other ninja and connect them to his own body. He can even use the chakra nature of his victims. He can also use these threads to split his own body apart, and he can re-attach any of his allies’ severed limbs.

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