Pitzer Students Call for Removal of American Flag

Earlier this fall, a Pitzer student, who serves as events coordinator, raised concerns about an American flag hung from a student’s balcony. She claimed that the flag brought “malicious” impact and urged the student to remove it via a college emailing list.

The events coordinator disclosed the location of the student’s dormitory then declared that “the American Flag is not only a symbol of hatred, but a threat to students of color, and makes a multitude of students feel unsafe.” She emphasized the added insensitivity of the flag being hung two days after Indigenous People’s Day. Then, she asserted that “the intent of the action is not important.” Finally, she “[implored] the residents to remove the flag.”
Other Pitzer students quickly joined in. One student recounted how she “saw the white guy who hung it up and asked him to take it down. He responded ‘No. Why? This is America, right?’ As a black student on this campus…That flag makes me feel unsafe and invisible in so many ways… let’s not act like this country doesnt actively murder people that look like me on a daily basis…If you love this country so much, HANG THAT SHIT UP IN YOUR ROOM”.

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