Prison School Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And Much More

Characters of Prison School
Kiyoshi Fujino (Hiroshi Kamiya in Japanese, Austin Tindle in English): Taishi Nakagawa presents him. He is the primary character who is in love with Chiyo. Despite his lack of intelligence, he is resourceful and quick-witted. Hana often targets him in prison due to multiple embarrassing events. He is the only one who has been put in school prison more than once. While incarcerated for the second time, USC and Mari become allies.

Takehito Morokuzu (Katsuyuki Konishi, English): “Gakuto” speaks in an old-fashioned manner and is slightly insane. Despite his oddities, Gakuto is a brilliant strategist who adores Mitsuko. He is a successful strategist who adopts the methods of The Three Kingdoms generals or other ancient generals to secure the success of his projects. Gakuto is one of the series’ most popular characters, owing to his brains and willingness to sacrifice for his comrades. His character arc is as vital to the plot as the protagonists.

Kenichi Suzumura (in Japanese) and Clifford Chapin (in English): His golden hair is out of place. He’s pessimistic. Anzu, his love interest, went to the same middle school as Kiyoshi. When Kiyoshi tries to escape away, he is shunned and singled out until USC urges him again.

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