Radical ADVENTURE TIME Fan Art From Artist Coran Kizer Stone

Adventure Time was such a fun animated fantasy show to watch. It followed the adventures of a boy named Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (John DiMaggio), a dog with the magical power to change size and shape at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, where they interact with Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch), the Ice King (Tom Kenny), Marceline (Olivia Olson), BMO (Niki Yang), and others. Today I’ve got some super cool fan art to share with you from artist Coran Kizer Stone, and it features Finn all grown up and ready to kick butt. The art came with the following note: “What happens after Adventure Time is over? The real Adventure Began.”

Now I want to see a series that follows the adventure of this older version of Finn!

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