Sailor Moon’s Most Fiery Scout Brought to Life by Talented Cosplayer

The fiery Sailor Mars has been brought to the realm of real life by a skillful Sailor Moon fan.

Pictures of the impressive cosplay were uploaded on Reddit by the user Lex Lunar. According to the creator, the outfit took “a LOT of trial and error” to construct. “I did countless mockups and alterations before even touching the final fabric. The only formal sewing class I’ve taken were home economics in school, but I’d really love to learn more professional techniques in order to make my work more ‘finished’ on the inside.”Sailor Mars isn’t the only protector of the solar system that Lex Lunar has brought to life. Their Reddit account features several shots of a stunning Sailor Uranus cosplay as well as images of Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury. There is also a picture of Lex Lunar participating in a group cosplay of witchy versions of the Sailor Scouts.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi appeared in Kodansha’s shojo magazine Nakayoshi from December 1991 until February 1997, producing 52 individual chapters worth of content. The story focuses on Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who gains powers from a mysterious artifact known as the Legendary Silver Crystal and becomes the titular magical girl. As she battles to prevent the destruction of the Earth and the universe as a whole, Sailor Moon finds many allies who also take up the mantle of Pretty Guardian.

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