The 10 Nicest Tsunderes in Anime, Ranked

Most anime fans have at least passing familiarity with the tsundere archetype. Tsunderes have become a trademark in anime culture over the years as a fan-favorite type of character. Often portrayed as haughty, short-tempered, and cold-hearted, tsunderes become embarrassed and flustered when their love interest compliments them.
Many fans find tsunderes to be overly aggressive for no reason, but there are “good” tsundere characters out there who can make even the staunchest tsundere hater smile Some tsunderes are especially sweet at heart, especially whenever they get flustered because their true emotions and feelings slip out.Fate Stay/Night’s Rin Tohasaka is one of the most famous tsundere characters in anime. Many fans are in love with her, and for good reason. She is a strong-willed strategist who, for the most part, won’t let her feelings get in the way. Although she tends to get flustered with the main character Emiya Shiro, she doesn’t let it get to her.

More importantly, Rin has two traits that have become commonly associated with the tsundere archetype: thigh highs stocking and twin tails. Beneath her tough exterior, Rin is just a lonely girl who’s trying her best and craves companionship.

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