The Demon With The Most Samurai Spirituality In The Demon Slayer Akaza The Three Upper Moons

Akaza, a major supporting antagonist in manga Demon Slayer is Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is a demon that belongs to the Twelve Kizuki, and is an Upper Rank Three. His cosplay and fanarts with the fire hashira are also extremely popular. Hakuji, a talented martial artist who learned under Keizo as he cared for his daughter Koyuki. He would later become Akaza’s fiancée.

Akaza assumed the appearance a demon. He was tall and chiseled, with bright green skin. The pattern on his skin was decorated with thick blue lines, much like the tattoos he received as a criminal. Akaza had bright pink hair, with his head swept back. His eyes, which were yellow, had a blue-blue sclera and pink eyelashes. The characters for “Three,” and “Upper Rank,” are also etched into his iris. One blue line ran from his forehead to the bridge of the nose. A second ran under his eyes to his temples. Two more ran around the neck. Three others connected to his torso.

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